I jizzed my pants O.O

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this is the strongest vine I ever seen

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ETS Garage

Dear lawd, my literal dream

NA is best

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As much as my dad thinks I hate him, I really do love him.

He asked me who the guy was in the picture I posted on Instagram, and I told him it was Taka Aono. I showed him a couple pictures and he didn’t think much about it.

Later on we sat down and I pulled up the documentary they did on Taka. Totally changed him after seeing how much work people put in just to go to a track weekend.

Now he wants to buy a truck and trailer and drive me to drift days. He’s lecturing me on hurrying up on getting myself into a speed shop/machine shop so I can make more money than I am now and have access to machines so I can build a competition motor.

After everything we’ve been through he’s awesome as fuck even though he thinks I hate him lol He just wants me to be successful in what I love doing. In my case, building race motors and throwing down on the track.

One day I’ll be there.

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cherriblossssom I know you’d like this one.

cherriblossssom I know you’d like this one.

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C’mon cherriblossssom let’s get some hahaha

C’mon cherriblossssom let’s get some hahaha

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Living the D… 
I couldn’t help but steal this from a bud who’s travelling Japan atm. He’s live pics are constantly spamming ( the good kind) my newsfeed of what seems to be an Intial d tour in nothing else but an AE86, RX7 FC3S and FD3S.. Super JELLY is an understatement..

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Finally got around to finish painting the rest of my 240. I love this color. Magnetic Metallic Gray.

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Fuck Man…

The people I deal with and friends who are around my age are all about being in love and getting married. Or going out partying, drinking, getting fucked up as hell as a pastime/hobby.

And I’m here like……

I just wanna build motors, drift, and go kart racing every single day of my life till I die. ☺️😎

Too Many people want the same kind of life nowadays. I love being a bit different.